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Michael Bravo Drops Hard Hitting Techno-Infused Remix Of ‘Can U Feel It’ By Swedish House Mafia!

Michael Bravo, the rising Lithuanian producer, has dropped a hard-hitting techno-infused remix of Swedish House Mafia‘s hit single ‘Can U Feel It’. This comes after he previously remixed the unreleased single ‘Underneath It All’ by Swedish House Mafia, which was received with high praise from fans and critics alike.

With ‘Can U Feel It’, Michael Bravo takes on the challenging task of adding even more energy and power to a track that already possesses an abundance of both. However, he is able to succeed in this endeavor by showcasing his versatility and creativity as a producer. The remix turns the iconic club anthem into a massive techno banger, featuring driving basslines, synth stabs, and hard-hitting kicks that elevate the original to a whole new level.

One of the standout features of the remix is the way Michael Bravo speeds up the tempo of the original while retaining the tone and synths that made it such a hit in the first place. The addition of techno vibes gives the track a fresh and modern feel that is sure to resonate with fans of electronic music.

As a rising talent in the industry, Michael Bravo‘s remix of ‘Can U Feel It’ is a testament to his skill as a producer and his ability to put his own unique spin on well-known tracks. It’s a remix that will undoubtedly keep dancefloors packed and energized for years to come.

Stream this remix below.

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