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Michael Canitrot Releases Progressive Gem Titled ‘Light Odyssey’!

After having a stellar year in 2022 which saw the release of hits ‘Contemplation’, ‘Samothrace’, ‘Oracle’, and ‘Take It Back’, Michael Canitrot opens up his catalog for 2023 with another impressive single titled ‘Light Odyssey’.

Having been releasing music for well over a decade now, the name Michael Canitrot is no stranger to the electronic dance music scene. Over this time, the French DJ and producer has perfected his signature style and showcases that with each and every release. His previous releases have seen him showcase a wonderful melodic sound with hints of deep house, progressive house, and techno all being included to create a unique sound.

This unique sound can be heard in all of its glory in ‘Light Odyssey’. An instrumental track with a progressive house structure mixed with melodic techno sounds, this single starts out with a rather dark atmosphere before then opening up with some radiant sounds and melodies. Once again, Michael Canitrot offers cinematic and evocative music which appeals to dancefloors as well as to the imagination and one’s senses: the perfect soundtrack for his upcoming sets.

“The title ‘Light Odyssey’ expresses the idea of a dark and deep journey towards the most brilliant light. To accomplish this luminous quest, it is essential to maintain constant perseverance in hope and thus keep a positive meaning to one’s own journey” said Michael Canitrot.

Stream this single below and on all major platforms here.

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