MikeR Celebrates The Return To The Dancefloor With ‘Together Again’!

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MikeR Celebrates The Return To The Dancefloor With ‘Together Again’!

A time that was incredibly tough for all involved with the dance music scene. When DJs couldn’t perform, fans could not dance along, and millions across the world were told to stay inside, the dance music scene suffered greatly. However, with light at the end of this tunnel and events coming back to countries all across the globe, the dance music scene is waking up. Taking the time to pay tribute to the return of normality, MikeR release ‘Together Again’, a single celebrating people getting together again at parties, clubs, and festivals.

An artist who always feels at home in both the studio and behind the decks, MikeR brings the party vibes with a euphoric new single. A single that any DJ could play at any time of the day or night and the crowd would eat it up. MikeR expertly blends elements of country dance with progressive house ‘Together Again’ brings festival-style energy to the dancefloor. Not one to just let the energy do the talking, MikeR’s uses his wonderful melodies and the warm vocals of Michael Gildner to remind us of our journey from sitting alone at home to a feeling of togetherness as we party with friends.

Stream this single below.

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