Morelia Unveils Awesome New EP Titled ‘Damage Control’!

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Morelia Unveils Awesome New EP Titled ‘Damage Control’!

Morelia is slithering back over to IN / ROTATION with his next release, a vicious tech-house two-tracker by the name of ‘Damage Control’. Tanner Munn is a house music anomaly from Los Angeles that has been snaking his way into the spotlight under the moniker Morelia. He’s no stranger to Insomniac Music Group, having hatched his very own imprint under the label umbrella with Teethy, a breeding ground for the animalistic grooves he’s been releasing into the wild for over a year now. On top of running his own shop, Munn made his debut appearance on IN / ROTATION via the low-slung growler, ‘Manipulate’, which he whipped up alongside Not The Father for the second installment of the ‘Rotate’ compilation album. Morelia is on the move yet again, as he creeps back onto the catalog with a proper release taking the shape of his new two-track EP.

‘Damage Control’ boasts two up-tempo tech house tracks made to slay. Morelia cleans up on the title cut, as he constructs a snarling groove marked by hefty basslines, punchy drum programming, panting breath samples, and a slinky synth lead that will tickle the frontal cortex. The appraisals are in, and it’s a certified club tool. On the flip, “All Night” is an ode to the late-night dwellers of the dancefloor. A hypnotic vocal refrain keeps the vibe locked in its loopy daze, while fidgety croaks maneuver restlessly over a shuffling rhythm. The magic touch is the incoherent ramblings of wide-eyed revelers taking up much deserved real estate in the track’s background. Both of these cuts manifested after Morelia was riding the high from his EDC Las Vegas performance in 2019, channeling that electrifying energy into one long, fruitful studio sesh.

“I’m honored to release two tracks that have been staple weapons in my sets for over a year with my Insomniac family,” says Morelia.” Both of these tracks were written in single sessions when I had the excitement of a show the next day in my mind and wanted something to smack the dancefloor. I’m so stoked how they came out, and I hope you are, too.”

Since its launch, Teethy has been shelling out quality cuts constructed at the hands of its label-boss, which recently saw him rounding up some of the homies to get in on the action as part of the ‘Morelia & Friends 01’ compilation album. On it, he made moves with a few of house music’s emerging names, including Arnold & Lane, Ocean Roulette, SODF and more. His sharp-toothed grooves have also trickled over to Insomniac Radio, with a weekly feeding schedule that takes place during the Teethy Thursdays radio show (Dash Radio). His stock continues to skyrocket with each and every record. On the ‘Damage Control’ EP, Morelia has assessed the situation and taken swift action to keep the tech house scene on a healthy trajectory.

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