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MORTEN Talks Future Rave Movement, Being Back Performing, Releasing Music During The Pandemic & More!

Hey MORTEN, thanks for taking the time to speak with me today. After more than a year no shows, no festivals How good does it feel to be back.
“Man is great. You know I’ve been DJing for, I don’t know how many 20 plus years and this is what I do so, to, to not be on stage in a weekend has been completely weird for me so now being back I feel complete. I’m excited, you know, I love showing and I cannot describe how happy I’m at first.”

During the pandemic, you had released a lot of new music. Did you stick with your plans in terms of releases, and have you saved anything special for the return of crowds?
“Yeah I feel like we stick with the plan you know, we really didn’t look at what everyone else was doing we’re just releasing the music that we really like, and there was not really a plan. The plan was to make good music, and release it and don’t even, we didn’t really worry about if it was streaming or played on the radio, we just want to create the music we love. “

Future rave is a sound that has really blown up in the dance music world, how important is it do you feel to have your own signature sound like a sound that’s so different to a lot of what is being released?
“So like, this is all sound for me. I did an album in Denmark in 2008, and it was the same sound. This is my DNA I always stick with this and David released earlier stuff that was in the same genre as future rave. So me and him combined using his chord progressions and melodies that how he is good at writing vocals, is really cool, and seeing everybody kind of doing future rave right now is just amazing. I want it, we want it from the beginning, the music to spread we wanted everybody to like dig into making this kind of sound and bringing kind of that EDM back to where it started. That’s how we like it, that’s what we try and do with his rave.”

You and David have released remixes for his own tracks such as ‘Titanium’ and Avicii’s ‘Heaven’. Who would feature on your dream future rave collab?
“That’s a good question. I would love to have someone like Frank Ocean on. I think it could be very cool or Jay-Z, or something weird, not that it would be a hip hop song but I would like to cross borders with some of the guys I listened to growing up.”

Cool! Thanks for taking this time to speak with us. Is there anything you’d like to announce with our own readers?
“Yeah, you know like the sound we’ve been doing with future rave, a lot of people are doing that sound now, and future rave kind of got a distinct sound as you say, but it wasn’t the plan for us to make a distinct sound we more wanted to create a culture and have something for the fans to dig into a universe that they loved and bring the sound back to where we love. Now everyone is doing the future rave sound. And now we want to develop that sound and make something more rave-y, darker.”

Check out MORTEN & David Guetta‘s remix of ‘Titanium’ below:

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