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Movorack Brings Us An Awesome New Single Titled ‘Talk Les$’!

Montreal-based artist Movorack doesn’t appear on our new music feeds as frequently as we would like him to but when he does you know you are in for something special. He made his debut in 2021 with an amazing dance cover of ‘Stay’, gaining over 250,000 streams in the process. With his first impression being so high, the pressure was on Movorack to follow that up and he did so in fine fashion with the release of ‘Let You Go’. Now, entering 2023, Movorack is ready to make this his biggest year yet and he kicks things off with the release of another amazing single.

Titled ‘Talk Les$’, this single sees the sound of Movorack develop from a pop driven dance sound, to a more club-orientated sound that is sure to rock the sound system of any club or festival that this single is played on. The production kicks off with dark and eerie vibes as a plucky sound is played. As the single progresses, the talented producer builds a sense of tension for the drop and once it comes it blows us away. Heavy basslines take center stage and drive the rhythm of this single while unique and infectious topline synths take care of the memorability of this one. Another awesome tune, this single showcases the range that Movorack has as a producer.

Stream this single below.

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