Movorack Makes His Debut With Brilliant Remix Of ‘Stay’ ft. Salvo!

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Movorack Makes His Debut With Brilliant Remix Of ‘Stay’ ft. Salvo!

Making your debut as an artist can be a truly daunting experience with the pressure to make the perfect first impression taking over most debutants. One artist who has taken that pressure and thrived from it is the emerging Movorack. With his very first release, he has not made things simple, putting his own spin on the worldwide smash hit ‘Stay’ by The Kid LAROI and Justin Beiber. In fine fashion, the Canadian artist makes the perfect first impression by delivering a magnificent remix featuring the vocals of Salvo.

At just 18 years old, Movorack has some time to grow as an artist but he has certainly made the right first step. With a blank canvas in terms of reputation and releases, Movorack is in the perfect position to make his mark on the electronic dance music scene and this brilliant remix is the first of many big things we expect from this rising artist.

With slap house a global phenomenon, Movorack links up with vocalist Salvo to bring us a delightful cover version of ‘Stay’. As if he was an expert, Movorack lets the vocals speak for themselves in the majority of the track but it’s the backing instrumental that truly makes this a wonderful remix. With infectious melodies and groovy undertones, matching the vocals to these subtle yet powerful sounds was the perfect blend between the two and makes this an overall wonderful remix.

Stream this remix below.

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