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MXJ Unleashe Electrifying Tech House Track ‘Tembleke’ On Story Starters Records!

DJ duo MXJ, composed of Marco Muraca and Juan Jaramillo, are set to take the house music scene by storm with the release of their new track, ‘Tembleke’, which was released on the 29th of September.

With roots spanning from the vibrant streets of Colombia to the diverse landscape of Canada, MXJ‘s multicultural influence is truly noticeable in their music. The duo, now based in Hamilton, Ontario, has been captivating audiences with their unique blend of live instrumentation and unique DJ sets throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

MXJ has left a mark on the Canadian nightclub scene, gracing renowned venues like Rebel, TOYBOX, & Dragonfly. Their electrifying performances have also found a home at one of Canada’s largest EDM festivals, VELD, where they’ve shared the stage with some of the world’s top DJs. Their music goes far beyond their performances, taking it things to the next international level!

The duo’s impressive repertoire of live instruments combined with pulsating rhythms and infectious drum patterns defines the essence of ‘Tembleke.’ MXJ describes the track as an immersive journey into the underground, promising a groovy tech house experience that will compel you to move. As they put it, “Prepare to immerse yourself in the hypnotic world of ‘Tembleke’ and let the music awaken your inner dancer.”

MXJ‘s rise to prominence has been further accelerated by support from international DJ heavyweights like KSHMR, Will Sparks, Moti, Hardwell, and Morten. With their unique sound and wonderful energy, MXJ is poised to make a lasting impact on the global house stage.

‘Tembleke’ is more than just a track; it’s a sonic adventure that encapsulates the essence of MXJ‘s passion for music and their journey through cultures and beats.

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