N-ZTON Takes Us Around The World With The Groovy ‘Paris To L.A.’!

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N-ZTON Takes Us Around The World With The Groovy ‘Paris To L.A.’!

Ever since the duo of N-ZTON made their debut with ‘That Song’, they have been constantly turning heads, making them one of the brightest duos in the scene. With so many bangers in their catalog, N-ZTON are always determined to keep delivering hit after hit and they certainly keep doing so. Now appearing on our new music feeds for the second time in 2022, N-ZTON presents us with a groovy and infectious house-infused single titled ‘Paris To L.A.’.

Growing up minutes apart in the same Parisian suburb, destiny wanted these two talents to meet in Mykonos. This fortuitous encounter led to back-to-back performances and releases, which have garnered the attention of electronic music lovers around the world. Anton & Enzo differentiate themselves musically by crossing different musical boundaries and cultural styles to bring innovation and freshness to today’s electro music. Widely considered the rising stars of the French electronic scene, their energetic sounds, and intensive rhythms have revived global dance culture.

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