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Naizon And Bailey Fisch Link Up On New Tune ‘Side to Side’!

Having already come together and created magic in the past, Naizon and Bailey Fisch finally bring us the follow-up single to ‘Getting Older’ in the form of ‘Side To Side’. With almost 1 year between the two singles, these two artists prove that the first single was not luck, as their second collaboration exceeds expectations.

Italian artist based in Amsterdam, Naizon has been on an impressive streak for the past four years, beginning with his debut in 2019 with ‘Genesys’ together with Luke Silver and continuing until 2023. Throughout this period, Naizon has consistently delivered a string of chart-topping bangers. His remarkable talent as a solo artist is undeniable, but what sets him apart even further is his ability to seamlessly collaborate with others, a trait clearly exemplified in his latest release.

Melbourne-based artist Bailey Fisch also made his debut in 2019 with the release of ‘May Not Recognise’, and he has not looked back since. His unique style and talent in implementing ideas have led to gaining a ton of plaudits from dance music lovers all across the world.

For this one, Naizon and Bailey Fisch perfectly blend their styles together to create an infectious tech house banger. With vocals from Bailey Fisch himself, the pair of artists lace this single full of groovy undertones, subtle yet powerful basslines, and addictive hooks, all coming together to create the perfect dancefloor gem.

Stream this single below.

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