Nathassia Announces Special Christmas Eve Livestream “Goddess Is A DJ”!

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Nathassia Announces Special Christmas Eve Livestream “Goddess Is A DJ”!

Electronic music artist NATHASSIA, also known as “Goddess Is A DJ”, launches her cutting edge live stream site GoddessIsADJ.TV on Christmas Eve. The debut live event is in conjunction with leading tech provider Maestro Streaming (users include Coachella, Pandora, deadmau5, Grammy Awards), described as the future of streaming engagement and monetization for artists.

Goddess Is A DJ has been building an ever-growing network of loyal fans during 2020 from live stream events on FacebookTwitter & her artist website. The momentum will surely continue as her events are one of the most exciting and visually inspiring. NATHASSIA’s unique use of artistic movement, multicultural roots, and futuristic production when combined with live vocals and impressive DJ skills work sublimely to give us a truly captivating live experience for 2021 and beyond.

NATHASSIA (pronounced Natasha), being half Dutch and half Indian, emanates a mesmerizing quality. Her vocal style, music, and live performances bring together both eastern and western cultures in spellbinding style. These two combing together brings the best out of each other and we want it to be a long partnership!

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