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NATHASSIA Opens Up About ‘Light of the World’, Her Dream Collab, Plans For 2022 & More!

NATHASSIA has accustomed her followers to a wave of high-quality releases and energy-filled instant EDM anthems. Following her success with her radio show ‘Goddess Is a DJ’, NATHASSIA introduced her new hot track ‘Light of the World’, a head-turner track that will get any party going. This time, NATHASSIA answered a few questions regarding her latest release and gave us a small sneak-peek of what’s to come.

Hi NATHASSIA, great to hear from you. How are you?
I’m good, thanks for asking!

Does ‘Light the World’ have a story behind it?
Yes, it does, it’s all about a future when humanity merges with technology, how the onslaught of augmented reality and A.I. will affect us all.

Can we hear any of your musical influences in the track?
Not so much as it is a remix, but you can hear a few of my vocal loops that have an almost instrumental effect.

How does ‘Light of The World’ differ from some of your other pieces?
It is a little bit more “House” than some of my more EDM releases.

How did you come about working with Most Lost?
That came about via Matt Waterhouse, a great guy!

What do you feel is the most important element in releasing a track?
The track just needs to be the very best you can produce in the genre you choose to be in, with music that your fans will connect with.

Do you have a typical process when writing a song?
It can be many ways but this one started with the lyrics first then the main melody and the music came last!

Who would you love to collaborate with in 2022?
Don Diablo!

Whose creative opinion do you trust the most when it comes to your music?
Fan feedback for sure!

How do you balance producing with your other responsibilities?
It can be very difficult as my weekly radio show now takes up a lot of my week, but the only way is to block off the studio time and 100% stick to it!

What are your opinions on sampling?
I think it can make the track into something special and if the sample has been cleared then why not!

What is the best piece of advice anyone has given to you?
To always stick to my guns assuming I have considered all the options and truly believe in my dreams!

can you let us in on what else you’ve got planned for this year?
It’s all a bit hectic! In addition to my weekly radio show and monthly live show I have 2 singles out in the next 2 months, and I need to finish off my artist album by the end March!

Listen to ‘Light of The World’ below.

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