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NOHC Make Debut On Blackbox Records With ‘Tell Me You Love Me’!

Once again proving that they are one of the most sought after labels to have your music released on, Blackbox Records welcome the debut of another set of artists for their latest release. This time making their debut on Blackbox Records, NOHC unveil a brilliant single in the form of ‘Tell Me You Love Me’.

NOHC have impressed millions across the globe in 2021 with the release of their collabs ‘This Way’ alongside MarLo, MatricK, and Sendr, gaining a spot on the A State of Trance Year Mix and ‘Awaken’ together with Au5, also snatching a top 20 spot on Monstercat‘s Best Of The Year on that one. These accolades have been coming quick and fast for NOHC, gaining over 3 million streams in the process and they are showing no signs of slowing down with the release of their brand new single.

‘Tell Me You Love Me’ is the perfect showcase of just how diverse NOHC can be. With trance, dubstep, and more under their belt, the duo showcase a new sound, built around breakbeat elements and an amazing melodic drop. Switching the rhythm up from breakbeat to four on the floor is a unique element to this single and certainly makes it stand out from the crowd.

Stream this single below.

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