Novodor Releases Debut EP ‘Open The Novodor’ Alongside Visual Accompaniment For ‘Favorite’!

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Novodor Releases Debut EP ‘Open The Novodor’ Alongside Visual Accompaniment For ‘Favorite’!

Grammy-nominated talent NOVODOR returns to the release radar with the highly-anticipated 4-track ‘OPEN THE NOVODOR’ EP, which kicked off earlier this year in mid-July with the first lead single, ‘LIKE’. The Los Angeles-based creative force’s 4-part offering has since been consistently released alongside an  accompanying 4-part music video series, issued via hilariously creative chapters. ‘FAVORITE’, the last track off of the EP, has also received this treatment and serves as the final episode, following up ‘SECOND HAND LOVE’, featuring London’s very-own Will Heard, and ‘CANDELA’. Out now via Ultra Music, the ‘OPEN THE NOVODOR’ EP is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

The ‘FAVORITE’ music video kicks off with NOVODOR’s dream reality, after being whisked away by two individuals from his dance aerobics class at the end of the third chapter. This entails him traversing the land with the two until they finally reach a large summit. Deciding to climb up the many stairs, the lot eventually reach the peak and enter the massive building atop to find a dojo. Once inside, NOVODOR transforms into a karate master and is tasked with fighting a giant man in red who holds a golden fortune cookie, the grand prize. The two take a quick limbo break, and NOVODOR ends up winning the challenge before being woken up poolside with CPR from his heady dream state. He then coughs up and opens a fortune cookie, which predicts the gardener nearby will start dancing once again, just like in the dream.

The funky production elements throughout are paired perfectly with its four-on-the-floor flair and flowing vocal cut. From start-to-finish, NOVODOR’s last lead single is rife with a sprightly energy that is sure to set dancefloors across the world ablaze with palpably raw energy this fall. In all, it marks a perfect end to the groovy ‘OPEN THE NOVODOR’ EP.

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