PALCO Takes You On A Melodic Journey With Deep House-Infused Single ‘White Noise’!

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PALCO Takes You On A Melodic Journey With Deep House-Infused Single ‘White Noise’!

Palco Daniel, also known as PALCO, is a self-described chaser of dreams and nobody can argue against that mindset as he lives his life how he pleases. One of these dreams is to become a full-time artist and he began that journey 4 years ago when he released his first single ‘Space’ in early 2017. “Music was always the kind of thing I wanted to decipher because it moves people, makes them feel the same” says PALCO. As he debuted his artist career, he also debuted a fresh melodic deep house style that is sure to please many across the globe. After this, he released more original tracks in the form of ‘Vibe’ and ‘Lock’, and ‘Shakedown’ before taking a short break from releasing in 2018 and 2019.

PALCO then returned in 2020 with new determination, after working behind the scenes to improve his production talents. He returned in May of 2020 with the impressive ‘Temeraire’ which kickstarted his inspiration to keep working on his own music. Now after reigniting his fire, PALCO has opened his catalog for 2021 with the incredible ‘White Noise’.

As we mentioned earlier, ‘White Noise’ utilizes that infectious melodic style that we’ve come to love from PALCO. He expertly uses memorable vocal samples throughout to keep the listener on their toes but with an addictive melody used throughout, PALCO takes us on a progressive journey that reaches its peak at the drop. PALCO introduces groovy basslines that are joined by a rhythmic topline synth that is sure to get your toes tapping and head bopping.

Stream this single below.

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