Parcel Treats Us To An Awesome Free Rework Of ‘Everything I Wanted’ By Billie Eilish!

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Parcel Treats Us To An Awesome Free Rework Of ‘Everything I Wanted’ By Billie Eilish!

Experienced artist Parcel has held his own as an essential producer, supplying Los Angeles’ underground with memorable late night/early morning experiences for well over 10 years.  Currently residing in Downtown, Parcel has delicately crafted a subtle yet hypnotic approach to melodic exploration through essential remixes, collaborations, and original productions. 

This time around, Parcel adds his touch on Billie Eilish’s ‘Everything I Wanted’, building a cacophony of perfectly blended washed out motifs that delicately support the gentle weight of Eilish’s vocal performance.  “Her approach to this song really left a mark with me – I just knew I had to explore an arrangement more fitting for the club that supports her singing,” says Parcel

Over the past couple of years, Parcel has released a consistent stream of remixes and original productions in both North American and abroad, including releases for Motek, Cenote Records, Loco Records, and Death Proof Recordings. Remixes have included the XX, Of Monsters & Men, Lykke Li, and Bibio.  2020 has already been a big year for the artist with the launch of Position Obscure Recordings, a joint music label with fellow producer/singer-songwriter Might i. Through the launch of the label, Parcel has seen early success with the debut of Airing EP, recognized as a “Top 10 Melodic Techno Release for April 2020” by Beatport. Through each release, Parcel has been able to continuously re-interpret the emotional delivery of the subject matter to perfectly execute a piece that warrants a re-listen.

Stream this single rework and grab your free download here.

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