Peace Maker! Returns To Insomniac’s IN / ROTATION Imprint With A Heavy, Hypnotic Single ‘HCQ’!

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Peace Maker! Returns To Insomniac’s IN / ROTATION Imprint With A Heavy, Hypnotic Single ‘HCQ’!

PEACE MAKER! is looping back around with his follow-up single on IN / ROTATION with ‘HCQ’. Within the past few years, the house producer from Portugal has been spreading his love for melodic-driven grooves that teeter in-between the sweet spot between bass house and tech-house. He originally caught the ears of the Insomniac team last summer, when he unleashed his debut appearance on the house-centric IN / ROTATION imprint with a pair of growling four-on-the-floor shakers, ‘Turn Generation / Psilocybe’. More than a year down the line now, and he’s returning to the space with another sure-fire single, which nods at the nightmare that has been playing out for the majority of 2020.

“‘HCQ,’ or also known as Hydroxychloroquine, is a medication used to prevent and treat malaria, which was also believed to cure the new Covid-19 virus,” says PEACE MAKER!. “The track portrays the hope and suffering that HCQ brought, through a melodic, heavy and hypnotizing sound.”

A shuffling rhythm is the first element to break the skin, before he starts to administer a potent dose of scratch samples and moody padlines streaming beneath reverberating vocalizations that echo out into the void. Once the groove starts to fully circulate in the bloodstream, the impossibly bouncy bassline starts to run its course through chopped vox, nutty sample work, crisp claps, carefully plotted backspins and a bedside manner making you feel like you’re in the right hands.

The release arrives months after his second issue on the catalog, the jumpin’ “Don’t Really Care” alongside Canadian newcomer Nostalgix, which secured a spot on the second installment of the label’s ‘Rotate’ compilation. Aside from that, he’s been floating around a noteworthy list of stables from the likes of Dr Fresch, Confession, Gold Digger, Medium Rare Recordings and more. And given his track record thus far, it’s become evidently certainly that PEACE MAKER! knows how to craft one contagious house cut.

Stream all your favorite bass house tracks in the playlist below – follow here.

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