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Phatwell Opens Up 2023 With Incredible New Single ‘Don’t Go Play With Fire’ ft. Hugo Hartley!

Coming hot on the heels of a big year in 2022 which saw the releases of ‘We Are Going To The Sun’ and ‘Can You Feel It?’, Phatwell keeps his momentum rolling into the new year with the release of ‘Don’t Go Play With Fire’. A single that includes amazing vocals from Hugo Hartley, this new one is a continuation of that signature pop dance style that we’ve come to love from this Swedish producer.

Swedish producer Pär Holmgren was born and raised in Malmö, Sweden. After many years as a rock musician, he decided to start creating EDM and house music under the name Phatwell in 2020. It was then he found his true calling and the love for the energy in the genre. Since then he has continuously released music and gained fans all around the world. During the last year, he has spent a lot of time in the studio developing his unique sound, which often is piano-based with a clear heritage of the Swedish EDM god Avicii. Phatwell‘s music continues to evolve and you can hear this in his brand new single ‘Don’t Go Play With Fire’.

“Ok, we have all been there and done something we shouldn’t. This song is inspired by the fascination of leaving your old relationship in search of something new and the feelings of those you leave behind.” said Phatwell

Stream this single below.

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