Pierro Releases Mind-Blowing New Single ‘Into The Void’!

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Pierro Releases Mind-Blowing New Single ‘Into The Void’!

Although a relatively new name within the electronic dance music scene, Pierro has been turning heads with his incredible releases. What he may lack in experience, he most certainly makes up for with raw talent and that shines through with each release he puts out. He made 2019 a very special year as he debuted his first single titled ‘Revelations’, a big room monster with elements of progressive house that made for a nice hybrid style. 2020 then saw him unveil ‘Machine Elves’, a techno stomper which showcases a different side to Pierro compared to the previous release. Now bringing us his third release overall, Pierro kicks off 2021 with ‘Into The Void’.

Just like his previous releases, Pierro has decided to showcase yet another side to his production style, this time unveiling a deep and dark yet melodic progressive single that takes you on a magnificent journey for its 7 minute length. The Swedish producer expertly adds and takes away elements as the track goes on to recreate a journey within the track. With the melodies used the single has that beautiful tone but the deep bass line adds a gritty feel to the single and makes for a spectacular production. This single shows us another side of Pierro‘s musical talent and we can’t wait to hear what comes next!

Stream this single below.

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