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PNGWIN Drops Massive Remix Of ‘Make It Happen’ By Rufus Du Sol!

Chris Cazarez, better known as PNGWIN (pronounced penguin) is a 32-year-old music producer from Costa Mesa, California. The name PNGWIN comes from Chris‘s love for penguins as a young child. Chris was first introduced to house music back in 2009 when a friend of his showed him Kaskade. The melodies, infectious vocals, and driving 4 on the floor beat was something he couldn’t get out of his head, and from that day on, he was hooked. In 2014, Chris pursued music at the music production school ICON Collective but it wasn’t until 2020 when PNGWIN would be born. In 2021, PNGWIN released 4 tracks which would be followed up this year with 3 more thus far.

For his latest outing, PNGWIN puts his own touches on ‘Make It Happen’ by Rufus Du Sol. Having been a fan of the single, and searching if anyone had done a remix, PNGWIN decided he would step up to the plate and he delivered in style. Taking this deep electronic single and completely flipping it on its head, PNGWIN injects this single with some mainstage energy using pulsating synths and hard-hitting low ends. This high-energy tone for this remix works perfectly with the elements that he used from the original, resulting in a mind-blowing remix. With 8 more releases scheduled for the remainder of the year, PNGWIN is an artist you should keep a close eye on in the future.

Stream this remix below.

photo credit: Jo Bautista

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