Poleis Records Welcomes The Debut Of ÆSTRØ With Brilliant Track ‘Faith In Me’!

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Poleis Records Welcomes The Debut Of ÆSTRØ With Brilliant Track ‘Faith In Me’!

Ever since its debut earlier this year, Poleis Records has been on a roll with tons of high-quality releases being put out on a constant basis. Every time we see this record label appearing on our new music feeds, we know we are in for a treat. Owned and operated by the very talented Marco Deleoni, the record label has been signing emerging talent and giving them a platform to showcase their music. Their latest release is no exception, a brilliant track titled ‘Faith In Me’ by ÆSTRØ.

ÆSTRØ are an Italian-based duo who mainly work within the future house genre but they incorporate multiple elements from different genres. This diversity leads to them having a unique signature sound that very few artists have in the dance music scene. Their debut came in 2020 after they had been DJing for several years together. As a duo, their matching personalities and attitudes characterize their sound which is always looking beyond the boundaries.

For their latest outing, they deliver in fine fashion with ‘Faith In Me’. Always wanting to step out of the comfort zone and add sounds that others may not think of, ÆSTRØ uses their future house sound to full effect in this one. However, they mostly take inspiration from tech-house as they add grooves into the production that sound fresh while also bringing the bassline and kick power from techno, leading to a massive club weapon that would make any crowd go crazy at any time of the day or night.

Are you a producer? Send your demos to POLEIS RECORDS here: [email protected]

Stream this single below.

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