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Released 10 Years Ago: Armin van Buuren – Ping Pong

Ten years ago, Armin van Buuren, a name synonymous with trance music, took a playful detour from his usual sound with the release of ‘Ping Pong’. This track, inspired by the classic video game ‘Pong’, emerged as an unexpected phenomenon in the EDM scene in 2014. Initially created as a bit of fun and a nod to Armin van Buuren‘s childhood love of video games, ‘Ping Pong’ quickly evolved into something much more significant.

The genesis of ‘Ping Pong’ was as unexpected as its success. It was originally conceived for a special moment in the ‘Armin Only’ show, leveraging the event’s impressive 3D graphics. Armin van Buuren, known for his meticulous productions, crafted the “Ping Pong Song” in just two days, initially without any intention of a formal release. However, the overwhelming positive reaction from the crowd at Armin Only led to reconsideration, and the track was officially released.

‘Ping Pong’ is more than just a song; it’s an experience. It embodies the joy and playfulness often found in large-venue music shows. The track’s catchy drop, paired with hilarious visuals, created an unforgettable moment in the Armin Only shows. The special dance invented by the crew and the smiley-face balloons dropping onto the crowd during the track’s climax made ‘Ping Pong’ a standout, memorable event.

This track serves as a reminder that music, especially in a festival or concert setting, is a celebration — a time to let go and have fun. ‘Ping Pong’ with its quirky origin, catchy beats, and lighthearted nature, showcases Armin van Buuren‘s versatility as a producer and his ability to connect with fans in the most unexpected ways.

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