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Released 10 Years Ago: Blasterjaxx – Mystica

A decade ago, Blasterjaxx firmly established their global presence in the electronic dance music scene with the release of ‘Mystica’ on Hardwell‘s Revealed Recordings. Coming off the heels of their anthem ‘Fifteen’, ‘Mystica’ was one of the eagerly awaited IDs from Hardwell‘s TomorrowWorld set, making its official and explosive entry into clubs worldwide in 2014. Known for their signature electro sound, the Dutch duo did not hold back, infusing the track with intricate leads and a surge of peak-time energy that became synonymous with their name. The track not only highlighted the label’s commitment to showcasing new talent but also cemented Blasterjaxx‘s reputation as front-runners in the electronic music domain.

In just a few short years, Blasterjaxx‘s meteoric rise from relatively unknown producers to stalwarts of the EDM world has been nothing short of phenomenal. Their sound, a dynamic mix of huge riffs, soaring builds, killer drops, and catchy melodies, captures the essence of what makes the genre so thrilling. Each release and performance is a testament to their energy and prowess, firmly positioning them among the most exciting and influential producers and DJs in the EDM scene. ‘Mystica’ remains a notable highlight in their discography, embodying the raw, pulsating energy and creativity that Blasterjaxx brings to the dance music world.

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