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Released 10 Years Ago: Deorro – Five Hours

A decade ago, Deorro, an emerging name in the house and EDM scene, released ‘Five Hours’, a track that showcased his versatility as a producer and firmly established him in the electronic music world. Erick Orrosquiesta, known professionally as Deorro (and formerly as TON!C), crafted this single with a distinct approach that differed from his typical high-energy Melbourne bounce style. Released in 2014 on PRMD Music, ‘Five Hours’ became a standout track for its melodic ingenuity and unique production style.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Deorro began his music career as a teenager, gaining a following through his SoundCloud page and extensive touring. His early twenties saw him releasing a series of successful tracks on labels like Dim Mak and Mad Decent, including ‘Dechorro’ and ‘Freak’. However, ‘Five Hours’ marked a pivotal moment in his career, reaching the top ten in countries like France and Belgium and resonating with a broad international audience.

‘Five Hours’ is characterized by its captivating melodies and a structure that highlights Deorro‘s creativity and production skills. The track’s layout, featuring a gradual buildup and a hypnotic rhythm, created a unique listening experience that stood out in the electronic music scene. This release not only demonstrated Deorro‘s ability to evolve and experiment with different styles but also solidified his reputation as a talented and innovative producer.

A decade later, ‘Five Hours’ remains a significant and beloved track in Deorro‘s discography. It serves as a reminder of his artistic range and his contribution to the diversity of electronic dance music. The track’s success is a testament to Deorro‘s skill as a producer and his ability to craft music that transcends the conventional boundaries of EDM genres.

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