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Released 11 Years Ago: Dada Life – Kick Out The Epic Motherf***er

Featuring the infamous “heeeyyyy, hooooo” chant that has seen a popular rise during EDM sets at Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, EDC, and more, ‘Kick Out The Epic Motherf***er’ took control of the festival scene during the boom period for big room house and is often regarded as one of the best big room house tracks ever released. A memorable anthem that supercharged the electro and big room period of the early 2010s, it would go on to gain over 50 million streams since its release on the 5th of December 2011.

Since starting in 2006 the DJ duo Dada Life has only had one aim: to make people smile more. To help them achieve this they have released music that makes you feel like you’re crashing into a wall, broken two Guinness World Records (the biggest pillow fight in the world with 5000 pillows!), and toured the world. In the universe they have created, Dada Land, every night feels like a kids’ birthday party spinning out of control.

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