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Released 11 Years Ago: Hardwell – Apollo

In the realm of essential Hardwell records, few loom larger than the groundbreaking hit, ‘Apollo’, featuring the enchanting vocals of Amba Shepherd. Hardwell, the visionary Dutch tastemaker and frontman of Revealed Recordings, raised the bar once again with this euphorically charged masterpiece. Released on November 26, 2012, ‘Apollo’ followed the critically acclaimed success of his earlier work, ‘Spaceman’.

Robbert van de Corput, the prodigious talent who would later adopt the moniker Hardwell, emerged as a superstar Dutch DJ, playing a pivotal role in shaping the EDM explosion of 2012-2013. His journey began at the age of 13, inspired by the massive dance parties broadcast on MTV. Fueled by this passion, Hardwell mastered the art of mixing and delved into remixing, laying the foundation for his own productions.

‘Apollo’ stands as a testament to Hardwell‘s ability to craft euphoric and monumental tracks that resonate with audiences worldwide. As we celebrate 11 years of this stellar odyssey, ‘Apollo’ continues to shine as a beacon of Hardwell‘s enduring influence on the electronic dance music landscape.

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