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Released 11 Years Ago: Nicky Romero & NERVO – Like Home

Travel back to November 12, 2012, a milestone day for Protocol Recordings with the release of ‘Like Home’. This collaboration between Nicky Romero and NERVO marked a turning point, creating a lasting impact in melodic vocal progressive house.

‘Like Home’ remains an enduring anthem, with enchanting melodies and captivating vocals, amassing over 50 million online streams. A historic track in Protocol‘s legacy, it exemplifies the seamless collaboration between Nicky Romero and NERVO during their early studio days.

Nicky Romero, a DJ, producer, and Protocol Recordings frontman, has evolved into an influential force in electronic dance music, shaping the industry’s landscape. NERVO, the Australian twin sisters, renowned for their songwriting prowess, have contributed hits for artists like Kylie Minogue and David Guetta.

On its 11th anniversary, ‘Like Home’ stands as a testament to collaborative creativity, uniting Nicky Romero and NERVO in a timeless musical journey.

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