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Released 12 Years Ago: Hardwell – Spaceman

In 2012, a track was released that would become emblematic of the EDM explosion of the early 2010s, ‘Spaceman’ by Hardwell. Following the success of ‘Cobra’, ‘Spaceman’ was highly anticipated and did not disappoint. Hardwell, at this point a rising star in the electronic dance music scene, was perfecting his craft of creating peak-time records, and with ‘Spaceman’ he achieved a new level of intensity. The track became known for its massive drop, one of the most memorable in Hardwell‘s career, combining an infectious lead theme with a Hardwell-style electro-influenced bassline. This combination proved to be electrifying on dance floors, metaphorically launching club-goers into space with its energy.

Robbert van de Corput, better known as Hardwell, began his journey as a DJ at the tender age of 13. Inspired by the massive dance parties he saw on MTV, he quickly developed a passion for mixing, remixing, and producing his own music. By the time ‘Spaceman’ was released, Hardwell had already made significant strides in shaping the sound and direction of EDM. His ability to create tracks that were both innovative and instantly appealing to a wide audience played a crucial role in the genre’s rapid growth and popularity during this period. ‘Spaceman’ stands out as a testament to Hardwell‘s influence and skill as a producer, capturing the energy and excitement of an era in EDM history.

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