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Released 12 Years Ago: Knife Party – Internet Friends

Very few singles over the past few years have incorporated everyday sounds and samples quite like ‘Internet Friends’. The second those footsteps get played, the crowd knows it’s in for an epic track. With the anticipation for the drop built with ringtones, doorbells, and female vocals, there’s nothing quite like this one. This single by Knife Party caught the ears of millions with its innovative build up and pre-drop vocal “you blocked me on Facebook, and now you’re going to die”, receiving over 70 million streams and has since stayed as the duo’s second most popular single on Spotify, behind ‘Bonfire’.

The duo, composed of Gareth McGrillen and Rob Swire, established themselves as trailblazers with their eclectic live sets and unconventional production style. Originally a side project, Knife Party quickly ascended to prominence, leaving an indelible mark on the dance music scene. As we celebrate 12 years of ‘Internet Friends’, it remains a testament to Knife Party‘s innovation and enduring influence.

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