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Released 13 Years Ago: Hardwell & Tiesto – Zero 76

Thirteen years ago, a landmark collaboration in the world of EDM emerged as Hardwell and Tiësto, two iconic figures from Breda, The Netherlands, joined forces to create ‘Zero 76’. Released in 2011, the track was a symbolic nod to their shared hometown, named after its area code 076. This collaboration was a meeting of two generations, with Tiësto already established as a legend in the electronic dance music scene and Hardwell rapidly rising as one of the most exciting new talents.

‘Zero 76’ played a crucial role in Hardwell‘s ascent in the EDM world, showcasing his ability to create music that resonated with audiences worldwide and standing as a testament to his status as a breakout star of 2011. For Tiësto, the collaboration with Hardwell reinforced his reputation as a pioneering figure in electronic music, continually adapting his style to stay at the forefront of the genre.

Robbert van de Corput, known professionally as Hardwell, began his journey in DJing at the age of 13, inspired by the massive dance parties he saw on MTV. His passion for music quickly evolved into a career in remixing and producing his own tracks, leading him to become a major influence in the EDM explosion of 2012-2013.

Tiësto, a Dutch icon in the EDM world for over two decades, has consistently been a driving force in the industry, known for his ability to adapt to the latest musical trends and maintain a significant presence in the global music scene. His lengthy and successful career is marked by constant innovation and a deep connection with his audience. ‘Zero 76’ is a reflection of the unique talents of both Hardwell and Tiësto, encapsulating the energy and spirit of EDM and standing as a symbol of their shared heritage and musical prowess.

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