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Released 23 Years Ago: Delerium ft. Sarah McLachlan – Silence (Tiesto’s In Search Of Sunrise Mix)

In 1999, Canadian electronic music group Delerium joined forces with the talented singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan to create ‘Silence,’ a track that has become a timeless gem in the world of trance music. Fast forward to October 4, 2000, when Tiësto dropped his transformative remix of the song, propelling it to iconic status and earning it the 12th spot on Mixmag‘s list of the greatest dance records of all time.

‘Silence’ had seen its fair share of remixes, but Tiësto‘s take on it stood out as the definitive version, marking a pivotal moment in his journey to becoming one of the most celebrated DJs in dance music. With his trademark touch, Tiësto added vibrant synths and innovative basslines, breathing new life into the original while preserving its ethereal beauty. His remix not only became an instant classic but also played a crucial role in shaping his legacy in the electronic music scene.

Today, Tiësto‘s remix of ‘Silence’ continues to resonate with music lovers worldwide, a testament to its enduring appeal. It’s a track that bridges the gap between generations and reminds us of the timeless magic that music can create, ensuring that ‘Silence’ will keep enchanting dance floors for years to come.

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