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Released 25 Years Ago: ATB – 9PM (Till I Come)

In the ever-evolving realm of electronic music, there are tracks that etch themselves into history, their beats transcending time. ATB‘s ‘9PM (Till I Come)’ is one such timeless anthem. Released in 1998 as ATB‘s debut single, and later included in his ‘Movin’ Melodies’ album, this iconic track remains an indelible mark on the electronic music scene.

Written by ATB and featuring vocals by Yolanda Rivera, ‘9PM (Till I Come)’ marries infectious beats with a memorable pipe organ hook. The track’s hook later evolved into the hit single ‘Don’t Stop!’ in 1999, cementing its place in music history. Upon release, the song topped charts in the UK and Ireland and graced the top 10 in various countries. Its enduring influence even led to a 2021 remake by Topic and a Tiësto remix.

‘9PM (Till I Come)’ is celebrated for its sensuality, capturing the essence of sultry Ibiza nights with Yolanda Rivera‘s breathy vocals. It made history as the first trance song to top the UK charts, remaining number one for two weeks and ranking as the UKs fifth best-selling single in 1999. Its appeal extended to Ireland, Denmark, Italy, and Norway.

Now, as ‘9PM (Till I Come)’ marks 25 years, it remains a cherished gem, testament to ATB‘s enduring impact on electronic music.

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