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Released 28 Years Ago: Robert Miles – Children

On this day, 28 years ago, Robert Miles bestowed upon the world the ethereal masterpiece, ‘Children’. This iconic track transcends the boundaries of time, standing as a testament to the enduring power of electronic dance music.

Even as the dance music landscape evolves, ‘Children’ remains an everlasting symbol of euphoria. The enchanting piano hook, synonymous with unity and nostalgia, has etched itself into the collective memory of generations. Whether in a crowded club or a solitary moment, the mere notes of ‘Children’ evoke a shared, transcendent experience.

Robert Miles, born Roberto Concina, crafted this dream-house anthem inspired by his father’s wartime photographs and fueled by a desire to address the growing losses in the Italian rave community. Emerging from relative obscurity, Miles‘ journey from DJing local parties in his teens to creating a global sensation with ‘Children’ is a story of passion and musical destiny.

As we celebrate 28 years of ‘Children’, we honor Robert Miles‘ legacy. Though he left us in 2017, his creation endures, echoing through time as a beacon of emotional resonance and sonic brilliance.

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