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Released 6 Years Ago: SHOUSE – Love Tonight

Six years ago, the underground live-house duo SHOUSE, consisting of Ed and Jack, introduced the world to ‘Love Tonight’. Known for their unique approach to music creation, SHOUSE often collaborates with local singers and musicians in their studio, and this track is a perfect representation of their creative process. ‘Love Tonight’ emerged as a playful yet heartfelt tribute to the 80s’ celebrity-packed Band Aid project ‘We Are The World’. By bringing together a choir of admired individuals from their local scene, SHOUSE crafted a single that, while not immediately popular, eventually caught the attention of major players in the dance music scene by 2020.

Ed and Jack, the minds behind SHOUSE, are more than just musicians; they are friends who share a passion for crafting “weirdo-house” and anthemic tunes. Their live-house performances are a fusion of analog synthesizers, sequencers, drum machines, and an array of unusual instruments, some of which were created in Jack‘s dad’s rural workshop. Their shows are more than just musical events; they’re experiences filled with unexpected twists, infectious rhythms, and an invitation to lose oneself in the dance. ‘Love Tonight’ stands as a testament to their innovative spirit and ability to capture the essence of their local music scene in a globally appreciated single.

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