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Released 6 Years Ago Today: R3HAB & Mike Williams – Lullaby

Six years ago, the EDM scene was graced with ‘Lullaby’, a stunning collaboration between R3HAB and Mike Williams. This track, released at a time when both artists were carving significant niches for themselves in the electronic music world, showcased a perfect blend of their unique styles. ‘Lullaby’ combined melodic elements with energetic drops, creating a sound that was both euphoric and rhythmically dynamic.

R3HAB, known for his versatile approach to EDM, has always been adept at blending various sub-genres to create distinct sounds. His collaborations and solo works have consistently found a place in the hearts of dance music enthusiasts worldwide. Mike Williams, on the other hand, brought his own flair for melodic and progressive house to the track, complementing R3HAB‘s style seamlessly.

‘Lullaby’ emerged as a significant addition to the discographies of both artists. It was a track that resonated on dance floors and music festivals around the world, known for its catchy melody and the emotive resonance typical of a great EDM track. The collaboration between R3HAB and Mike Williams on ‘Lullaby’ was not just a meeting of two talented artists, but a fusion of creative visions, resulting in a song that encapsulated the energy and spirit of the times in the EDM scene.

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