Released 7 Years Ago: Alvaro & Mercer ft. Lil Jon – Welcome To The Jungle

Back on the trail to follow-up his last outing with Revealed RecordingsAlvaro united with Mercer for the second strike of peak time brilliance with ‘Welcome To The Jungle’. Adding to the endless list of essential anthems premiered during Hardwell‘s groundbreaking Ultra set back in March of 2013, the duo united alongside a man who needed very little introduction, forging an unforgettable installment of festival-proofed dance music along the way. Lil Jon brought his unmistakable voice to the equation, adding infectious chants to this Dutch house anthem primed for the huge crowds and intense club spots that the summer season beckons. A heavyset anthem filled with razor-sharp synth work, the union of these distinct talents provides yet another wild addition to Revealed Recordings playbook for 2013. This anthem turns 7 years old on the 1st of July.

Stream this single and many more EDM essentials from 2013 below – follow here.

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