Released 8 Years Ago: Hook N Sling – Tokyo By Night (Axwell Remix)

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Released 8 Years Ago: Hook N Sling – Tokyo By Night (Axwell Remix)

Rewind to 2014, as Australian artists Hook N Sling combined with Sweden’s Karin Park for what might have been described as “the most eagerly anticipated Axtone release ever”. There are certain records in the history of Axtone that have a quick path to release. and others that take on a slightly longer journey. It’s fair to say that ‘Tokyo By Night’ sits firmly in the latter category, achieving cult status amongst Axtone fans worldwide. Years in the making, the wait was well worth it; with Axwell‘s remix leading the charge, proving once again that everyone else is simply following.

Having taken on various incarnations in the production stage, one element remained a constant: the beguiling song, written by Hook N Sling and Karin Park. In Hook N Sling, Axtone welcomed an act poised for big things in 2014, with this his first original release on the label after remixing Hard Rock Sofa‘s underground trailblazer ‘Blow Up’ back in 2011. With Karin, an artist who was and still is certainly plowing her own path in electronic music with her album ‘Highwire Poetry’ released shortly after this single.

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