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RENN Takes Us On An Electronic Journey With ‘NOVA’!

Hailing from Montreal and recently moved out to Los Angeles, Nathan Renaud, otherwise knows as RENN, has been passionate about music since his childhood. Starting off by learning drums at the age of 12, Nathan loved the percussive elements found in Indie Rock and Electronic music where he got influenced in the first place. He instantly fell in love with the harmony of these synthetic sounds blended with the instrumental. Over the years, RENN started to develop a really close connection with the music. Somewhere along the way, he discovers DJs, producers, and artists of all genres until he found the sweet spot where he wanted to dive in and explore. Pouring his heart and soul into his craft, RENN brings you through a mysterious wave of sounds, putting yourself into an ocean of sonic interstellar movement and industrial distorted bass sounds.

With his latest track, ‘NOVA’, RENN takes listeners through an emotional adventure of electronic sounds. Serving up a universe of futuristic and melodic movements, with vocals chops used as the lung of the track, drums crescendo and take the lead of the track until we get hit by massives leads and heavy sounds that come from another world. RENN is able to create a beautiful soundscape and melodies in the break area, letting the listeners take a breath after blowing their mind away from a euphoric journey. After a long breakdown of the sonic atmosphere here comes the second drop, even more heavily created that brings us into a new world where the final chapter ends in a beautiful and peaceful way.

Stream this single below.

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