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RENN Teams Up With Audiostein On Brilliant New Release ‘Contact’!

Since the start of the year, RENN has been compounding songs one after another. It was just a question of time before we could see RENN combine his craft with other artists. In this first-ever collaboration with the LA-based producer Audiostein, we can definitely distinguish the different genres blended together; hybrid trap with drum & bass by adding a touch of the heavy midtempo bass that we’ve come to love from RENN.

When listening to this production, it doesn’t sound as if hat 3 different genres are mixed together, which proves how diverse both RENN and Audiostein are at combining their styles together. ‘Contact’ proves that there’s no limit to how creatively crazy you can go. Starting with a mysterious interstellar atmosphere, the track is slowly building, bringing in some robotic chopped vocal sounding like artificial intelligence reaching out from another dimension. With a cinematic ambiance, the track leads up to a massive drop of industrial bass sounds where the rhythm and the sound design is changing from one to the other, making the track jump from the heavy hybrid bass sounds to a dubstep style. Bringing more natural instruments and choirs pads in the break, you’re entering into another state of mind. The intense build-up finally heads to an unexpected last drop, where we get hit by some really intense drum & bass. This is probably one of the most original tracks ever produced by RENN and Audiostein. We can definitely expect more collaboration like this in the future.

Stream this single below and grab your copy here.

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