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Renowned Synthwave Producer Waveshaper Shares ‘Friends Again’ & Announces ‘Mainframe’ Album!

Renowned synthwave producer Waveshaper has released his latest single, ‘Friends Again’ on the 20th of August. The single is taken from his upcoming album, Mainframe which will be released on the 17th of September via Waveshaper Music Production. The producer has collaborated with several other big names in the scene, having shared a stage with Com Truise, appearing in The Rise of the Synths documentary alongside narrator John Carpenter and having his work remixed by F.O.O.L, Droid Bishop and Magic Sword, while also creating his own remix for Scandroid and KLOUD. Waveshaper has also created music for the award-winning game Furi alongside the Toxic Avenger, Carpenter Brut and others whilst his work in the award-winning Swedish film Videoman was nominated for the International Film Music Critics Award (IFMCA) for The Best Soundtrack. Having been supported by the likes of well-known publications such as, New Retro Wave and Metal Sucks, the producer has earned just over 65 million streams across platforms.

While he was born and is currently based in Jönköping, Sweden, Waveshaper enjoys travelling. The artist has performed on stage in the UK and toured in the USA, Europe & Russia. He is currently working towards a big North America tour in 2022, circumstances permitting. Outside of travel, the producer finds inspiration in soundtracks from video games and films from the 80s and 90s. Waveshaper’s latest album calls to mind the likes of Kavinksy, Justice, Robert Parker and Carpenter Brut.

Embarking on a journey through the synth soundscape and touching upon both the retro and futurist as he passes by, Wavershaper sets the tone for his upcoming album with the single ‘Friends Again’. Varying between dark and light but always encapsulating that driving force that worms its way into the imagination, the producer has managed to provide hope with purely electronic touches. The Mainframe LP (which will be available in Digital, CD, Cassette, MiniDisc and, at a later point vinyl) reaches outside of the synthwave universe by adding elements like Future Funk, and even orchestral additions.

Waveshaper shares his thoughts on the single: “’Friends Again’ is about reuniting. In this case, in a spaceship but it might as well be in your living room. In this synthesizer adventure, I am creating a journey of interesting soundscapes and themes which hopefully will make you feel joy and hope”.

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