Rising Talent Edwin Debuts With First Single ‘Day&Night’ ft. Claire V!

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Rising Talent Edwin Debuts With First Single ‘Day&Night’ ft. Claire V!

After spending the last couple of years honing his skills as a musician, Honduran-American DJ and producer Edwin is finally ready to reveal his first single ‘Day & Night,’ featuring vocals by Claire V. The single was born in collaboration with Edwin’s mentor, John Debo, who is recognized across the dance music space for his creative studio techniques and coveted releases on Bedrock, Selador, and more. Debo also serves as an Assistant Professor at the prestigious Berklee School of Music, lending his hand to the next generation of producers and musicians. Debo now imparts his expertise to rising talent Edwin as he launches his career with debut single ‘Day & Night’.

Day & Night’ kicks off smoothly with a light piano melody and soaring instrumentals before the emotive vocals from Claire V flood the soundscape. The single exudes feel-good energy from start to finish and incorporates cinematic elements throughout. The enchanting progressive melody of ‘Day & Night’ captivates with its resonant sound, taking listeners on an uplifting sonic journey. The awe-inspiring, anthemic single serves as a memorable introduction to the work of Edwin.
“Day and Night was written in LA when I was at ICON. The song was inspired by a girl who floated into my life for a minute, but made a big impression on me. It’s about the memories we made together and how we hold onto those memories forever.” – Edwin

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