Robert James Perkins Delivers With Inspiring New Single ‘Hope’!

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Robert James Perkins Delivers With Inspiring New Single ‘Hope’!

When it comes to having a career within the music industry, sometimes having more talent rather than experience can help but here we’ve come to an artist with an equal amount of both. Robert James Perkins has been a DJ for over 26 years and his skills are out of this world. Performing for many different events, parties, and festivals, Robert recently took to producing and the results are not surprising, to say the least. Taking his knowledge of the dance music scene and putting it into the studio, Robert has come up with some incredible original singles, with his latest, ‘Hope‘, being no exception.

“In times of pandemics for every artist and musician, hope is what keeps us going. The love for our fans and the passion for what we do gives us the strength and the will to not give up because many of us have not seen an audience since March 2020, have not stood on a stage since then, and are slowly fighting against it to be forgotten.” said Robert James Perkins.

‘Hope’ is a calm deep house single from Robert James Perkins that tries to capture how musicians and artists feel when they are alone. A journey-like track, Robert lets the single flow naturally with elegant synths and a perfect underbelly of drums and basslines. With an inspiring music video to accompany it, this single is a message that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we should all keep ‘Hope’.

Watch the official music video below.

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