Robin Woods Returns To Our New Music Feeds With ‘Better Than Me’ Alongside Max Vermeulen & Okafuwa!

Robin Woods Returns To Our New Music Feeds With ‘Better Than Me’ Alongside Max Vermeulen & Okafuwa!

Having impressed with a spectacular debut single in the form of ‘Locked Up’ in 2019, and following it up in 2020 with a sensational remix of ‘Limbo’ in 2020, Robin Woods finally makes his return to our new music feeds after 2 years with a brand new released titled ‘Better Than Me’. The single, released through Sam Feldt‘s Heartfeldt Records under the banner of Spinnin’ Records, the label Robin Woods made his debut on in 2020, was made alongside super talented artists Max Vermeulen and Okafuwa.

A single inspired by the likes of Kygo, Matoma, and label-head Sam Feldt himself, ‘Better Than Me’ was born when Heartfeldt Records sent Robin Woods the vocals and it immediately sparked a tropical/summer vibe through which production got started right away. Letting the vocals shine as much as possible, Robin laid down the perfect instrumental vibes for Okafuwa‘s shining vocals. Taking the single to the next level with his own touch, Max Vermeulen was drafted in, making the end result of this single a perfect summer hit.

Stream this single below.

Producing his first single at the young age of 17, Norwegian-Dutch artist Robin Woods is no newcomer to the world of house music. Originally producing a string of tracks under an old name, he redirected himself to begin making songs that were inspired by the records he loved. Pulling inspiration from soul artists such as The Temptations, Chuck Berry, and Ray Charles, as well as 80’s disco music and classic rock n’ roll, he began producing house music with a unique and fresh sound. His first single with artist Lulleaux, ‘Locked Up’, not only showcases his talent for merging genres but gives great insight as to what is in store from this up-and-coming artist.

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