Roger Martin Unveils Yet Another Fantastic Single ‘Monday’ ft. Maurice!

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 Roger Martin Unveils Yet Another Fantastic Single ‘Monday’ ft. Maurice!

An artist truly in the form of his life, Roger Martin has been constantly churning out hit after hit since he made his debut in 2016. He made his debut with ‘Waterfalls’ featuring Maurice, a single that has since notched over 20 million streams on Spotify. He followed up on that one with ‘Close Encounters’, ‘Found Love’, ‘Please Don’t Go’, ‘Music’, ‘Hole In My Heart’, ‘Ba-Baa’, and ‘Lonely No More’ before taking a break from releases in 2020. A tough year for all across the world, the sound of Roger Martin was truly missing in 2020 but thankfully he returned earlier this year as he treated us to the amazing ‘Got To Let You Know’. Now back for the second time this year, the Swiss-based producer unveils ‘Monday’.

Featuring Maurice on vocals, these two artists showcase their amazing synergy and style on this one, just like they have many times in the past. A match made in heaven. Roger‘s elegant and party vibes are paired with Maurice‘s sultry and graceful vocals and the results are perfect. ‘Monday’ is an energetic pop-dance production, based around the addictive theme of weekdays. Taking away those Monday blues, Roger brings positivity to the often-hated day of the week, letting groovy tones and infectious melodies get you in that party mood. Yet another awesome release, the hits don’t stop coming from Roger Martin!

Stream this single below.

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