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Ryan Crane Gives Us An Insight Into Everything ‘BEAM’, His Newest Release!

Multi-talented artist Ryan Crane is back with yet another hard-hitting banger titled ‘BEAM’. Following the great success of his EP and NFT project ‘SCIENCE FICTION WORLDS’, the multi-disciplinary artist is ready to start a new chapter with this mighty release. With a House sound and uplifting vibe, Ryan Crane presents this new hit ready to top the charts. Now, he shares the behind-the-scenes process of ‘Beam’.

Hey Ryan Crane! How are you?
Hey guys! Doing great here, hope all is well on your side!

‘Beam’ is out now, can you tell us what inspired you to produce this track?
Yes, yes absolutely. The initial inspiration came after completing ‘Neon Tape’. I wanted to continue moving forward with some new House music and ‘BEAM’ was one of the records that was produced pretty early after ‘Neon Tape’ was released.

Are there any specific musical or sonic influences to this song?
Yes, and thank you for this question. I was thinking about listening to internet radio years ago. I wanted to break out the Korg M1 and make something that reminded me of that time.

Did you explore with any new sounds, effects, or elements of a specific genre while working on this track?
The M1 made it into the record for sure, and there were some experiments in the mixing phase as well.

Which part of the track did you start first?
Drums, then chord progression.

What’s your favorite part of the song?
Man, I like the whole song HAHAHA Go check it out!!!

How does this track differ to your previous releases?
Good question, thank you. I’d have to say the mixing of the record.

What did you want to convey with this track?
A little taste of nostalgia mixed in with a little taste of today.

How would you describe ‘BEAM’ to someone who hasn’t listened to it yet?
A Piano House bop.

What’s next for Ryan Crane?
Continuing to work on new music and art! Please go check out ‘SCIENCE FICTION WORLDS’ and ‘BEAM’ now streaming. Look for some new music in January 2023!

Stream this single below.

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