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Salim Frank Brings The Club Vibes With New Single ‘Rubber Duck’!

Being a newcomer within the electronic dance music scene can be a daunting feeling but when Salim Frank took the plunge and invested in himself as an artist he knew he was making the right choice. Dedicating several years to his sound and uploading his first production to his own Soundcloud profile in 2016, it was in 2020 that everything started to click for the German native. From then on, Salim Frank has been on a tear, dropping tons of new music, turning heads and gaining momentum which is well deserved for all his hard work. For his last outing of 2021, Salim Frank delivered in style with ‘Rubber Duck’.

Much like the title suggests, this single is mainly built around a synth that sounds quite similar to a duck but that doesn’t take away from its infectious and fun tone. Salim Frank had his sights firmly set on the dance floor when he created this one and it shows, as the 6-minute single is heavily reliant on kick and basslines but that adds a wonderful groove and rhythm to proceedings. As the single progresses, the German producer adds more and more elements into the mix which just add to the overall quality and help this single stand out from the crowd.

Stream this single below.

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