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sander baie Makes His Debut With Stunning New EP ‘SERENTY OF EARLY DAYS’

Making your debut in the electronic music world can be a daunting and challenging task, with many up and coming producers buckling under the pressure of forming a positive first impression. One artist who is taking that task and using it to springboard his career is sander baie. With the release of his EP, ‘SERENTY OF EARLY DAYS’, sander baie makes his debut in the world of electronic music and in the process makes the perfect first impression as this 5-track EP is not to be skipped.

Consisting of 5 tracks, ‘SERENTY OF EARLY DAYS’ is a showcase of the sound that sander baie has been working on for a number of months. Each track with it’s own identity, but connected as a story, this EP was formed through both experience and reminiscence, inviting listeners into a serene and richly textured sonic landscape. The album is steeped in simplicity and nostalgia, each track meticulously crafted to evoke specific emotional landscapes.

The use from sounds like nature reserves, busy roads and racing circuits subtly integrates sander baie’s inspirations from nature, alongside an homage to cultural touchstones like the Gran Turismo video games series, which resonate in the rhythmic precision and dynamic progression of tracks like ‘morning at sepang international’. ‘sounds of koel’, where the naturalistic elements are at the forefront, brings the listener to bask in the soothing yet complex layers of sound that mimic the calm and unpredictability of wildlife. ‘saturday in may 2012’ offers a reflective, almost introspective journey through sander baie‘s personal memories, when he experienced his favourite football player Dider Drogba scoring the winning goal for Chelsea in the Champions League final.

‘SERENITY OF EARLY DAYS’ marks a foundational position in sander baie’s discography. This release is soon to be followed by more dance-centric tracks later this year, hinting at an evolution from serene and introspective to lively and engaging.

Stream this EP below.

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