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Sander van Doorn And Robert Falcon Reimagine Dance Classic With New Single ‘Rapture’!

In a captivating collaboration, Sander van Doorn and Robert Falcon have unveiled a modern reinterpretation of the classic track ‘Rapture’ by iiO. Sander, a defining figure in the dance music scene, brings his influential style and A&R expertise to the table. Meanwhile, Robert Falcon, adds his unpredictable musicality, having earned acclaim from industry heavyweights and graced stages at major festivals worldwide.

This dynamic duo’s rendition of ‘Rapture’ seamlessly merges the timeless appeal of the original with contemporary sounds, offering a fresh experience for listeners. With Sander‘s genre-defying approach and Robert‘s rising global influence, the collaboration not only pays homage to a dance music classic but also propels the genre forward. Together, they exemplify the genre’s ability to reinvent its history, promising a sonic journey that captivates fans, both old and new, and solidifying their positions as visionary creators in the ever-evolving world of electronic dance music.

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