Santorelli Impresses With Awesome New Single ‘Believe’ ft. Scarlett Skies!

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Santorelli Impresses With Awesome New Single ‘Believe’ ft. Scarlett Skies!

Australian-born, with an Italian background, producer Santorelli isn’t shy with releasing a range of music with his own little twist, ranging from dance, pop, house, and more in his own dynamic and unique way. Santorelli originally started DJing at local house parties working his way to bigger parties then eventually to nightclubs in his local city. He then thought he would put more effort into producing music of his own, which lead to him discovering his perfect genre as an artist. Over the past few years, Santorelli has released on well-respected labels such as Chill Your Mind, Cinematik Records, Multiplayer Records, Glow Records, and more.

After releasing spectacular tracks ‘Let This Go’ ft. Scarlett Skies and ‘Morning Sun’ together with SP3TRUM, Durte Dom, and Scarlett Skies, Santorelli officially kicks off 2021 with the awesome ‘Believe’ alongside his close friend Scarlett Skies. ‘Believe’ features the amazing vocals from Scarlett Skies and Santorelli perfectly matches them with melodies and sounds. For the drop, he then playfully edits and chops the vocals to give the single a whole different feel which brings the best out of all elements.

Stream this single below.

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