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Shradan Offers Up A Hypnotic Dark Sound With New Single ‘Limits’!

As we enter the final weeks of the year, this is the time when many artists start to wind down and look back at the previous months. However, one artist with his eyes set firmly on the present and future, wanting to keep his hot streak of releases moving no matter the time of year is Shradan. Having started his production journey in 2020 with the release of ‘Resolve’, it was in 2022 that it would hit another level with the Los Angeles-based artist releasing ‘Don’t Say’ and ‘Point Of View’, two singles that would showcase the talent and growth that Shradan has undertaken in these past few years. Now appearing on our new music feed again, Shradan offers up a hypnotic dark sound with ‘Limits’.

With his previous two singles showcasing different styles, ‘Point Of View’ being melodic and tropical while ‘Don’t Say’ was groovy and catchy, Shradan decided to once again showcase his diversity within the studio on his new one. Titled ‘Limits’, this production contains a groovy yet dark bassline that carries the groove from start to finish. Keeping things eery and mystical, Shradan uses vocals and synths that add to the aura of the single and when all elements are added together it makes for a super unique and enjoyable listen.

Stream this single below and all other major platforms here.

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